[Libreoffice] quick starter applet/systray defaults and various confusion

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Wed Nov 24 18:49:38 PST 2010

At 6:51am -0500 Wed, 24 Nov 2010, Andrew wrote:
> One other discussion I want to start is that do we actually
> need/want the quickstarter? From my own experience it is annoying and
> not needed - why should an office suite be in the system tray, it is
> not needed.

I have only my memory as a young person/non-developer, so take what I 
say with a grain of salt: Originally, I believe the idea was to compete 
with how much faster MSOffice started.  OpenOffice was *always* slow in 
comparison to MSOffice (on Windows), and the QuickStart solution was 
meant to hide the loading time of the major parts of OpenOffice in the 
computer startup.  (The idea was that a standard workflow was to turn on 
the computer and walk away for five minutes, because Windows took so 
long to boot anyway; besides MSOffice "cheated" by using Windows 
internals -- or so went a common rumor.)

> Maybe the best way to go about this discussion is to ask - "Is there
> anyone that wants to keep the Quickstarter?"

This is a question I wanted to ask in a previous thread as well but it 
wasn't pertinent then; I'm glad you brought it up.  Frankly, I think the 
QuickStart solution was always the wrong answer.  It represents to me a 
quick and (truly) dirty solution.  I believe the "correct" answer is to 
streamline LO.  However, the latter solution involves a bit more 
diligence (i.e. more work :-( ).

So, ideally, I believe the QuickStart solution would be removed.  I 
don't like it, and personally, I turn it off whenever it is on by 
default: I use my resources, and I don't want them forcibly (pre)wasted.


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