[Libreoffice] ucb/source/ucb compilation error

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Thu Nov 25 02:33:08 PST 2010

> Tor was exercised about this at one stage IIRC, does the above work for you ?

Sure, although I think I would prefer to keep OSL_THIS_FUNC as "" instead of "(unknown)" in the fallback case. Also, we need to find out if there really is no __func__ or similar even in MSVC2010.

So, you think the i#114290 argument that neither __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ nor __func__ can be used because neither is a string literal and thus can't be compile-time concatenated with other string literals is bogus?

As such, it is true of course that they can't be used like that. But is the proper solution then just to not try to use OSL_THIS_FUNC in that way? Instead just pass it as a separate argument to printf (yeah, my C background shows through) or whatever?


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