[Libreoffice] Auto-detection of toolbar icon size (well, kinda)

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Thu Nov 25 02:47:30 PST 2010

Michael Meeks wrote:
> > prompted by some complaints on too large icons on Mac, switched the
> > icon size from 'large' to 'auto' for 3.3.
> 	Did we ever get some screenshots of the perceived problem ? I asked in
> some bug, but never got that back AFAIR.
Hi Michael,

take my word for it, it looks out-of-place on Mac.

> 	My concern is for Windows really - I'd want the vast majority of users
> on > 1024x768 to have large icons.
> 	Have we tested it there ?
Code on Win32 is currently:

long nHeightPx = aMenuFont.GetHeight() * nDPIY / 72;
aStyleSettings.SetToolbarIconSize( (((nHeightPx-1)*2) >= 28) ? STYLE_TOOLBAR_ICONSIZE_LARGE : STYLE_TOOLBAR_ICONSIZE_SMALL );

If that does not suffice, surely we can do a hard pick for _LARGE
here, just the same as for Gnome/KDE. It's the sole discretion of 
the native widget layer now - that's were it belongs to.


-- Thorsten
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