[Libreoffice] Release criteria

Arthur Machlas arthur.machlas at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 08:36:42 PST 2010

Not a member of this list, just passing through, but I thought I'd
throw some corrections / suggestions re: criteria

> Now [N], Suggestion [S], Correction [C]

[N] "LibreOffice is used by many users every day. Any new release must
not break their day job. Though, every software has bugs."
[S] Remove "Though, every software has bugs." Partly for grammatical
reasons, partly because it doesn't add value to the mission statement,
which is how I read the first two lines. And you say it much better
later on anyway.

[N] "is public available at least 7 days"
[C] "is publicly available for at least 7 days"

[N] "You might nominate"
[C] "You may nominate"

[N] "Also you might add dependency to the meta bug:"
[S] "You should also add a dependency to the meta bug:"

[N] "Also it does not mean that other bugs"
[S] "This does not mean that other bugs"

Any questions or comments, please cc me on the reply.


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