[Libreoffice] Auto-detection of toolbar icon size (well, kinda)

Peter Lairo PeterLairo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 10:09:09 PST 2010

On Thu. 25.11.2010 12:29, Michael Meeks wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> On Thu, 2010-11-25 at 11:47 +0100, Peter Lairo wrote:
>> That's fine, but the large Icons are (about 50%) *too* large. I'm on
>> Windows 7, have a 19" monitor, ratio: 4:5, resolution: 1280x1024 and I
>> cannot fit the icons I want into the Toolbar.
> 	 From your screenshot: you are using Beta2 (or Kendy didn't fix the
> fallback to Industrial) - one or the other; can you try again with
> Beta3 ?

I've downloaded Beta3 and installed it (well, it only allowed a "Repair 
install" or some-such term) over whatever version I had (I'm pretty sure 
it was already beta3) and I still have the same issues as before.

Help About says I have this version:

LibreOffice 3.3.0
OOO330m12 (Build:2)

Is that "beta3". I can't tell.

All your other comments assume I didn't have beta3. But I do (at least 
I'm pretty sure, because for some boneheaded reason the Help/About 
dialog doesn't show the version in the same terminology as we're using 

BTW: Docking the "Styles and Formatting" (F11) window to the left edge 
consistently causes LibreOffice to crash.

Peter Lairo

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