[Libreoffice] [PATCH 1/7] warning cleaing binfilter sw3io

Pierre-André Jacquod pjacquod at alumni.ethz.ch
Sun Nov 28 05:56:33 PST 2010

further warning cleaning within binfilter.

Whoever has written this liked shadowing. I got
    var a    <---- warning shadowing this
        var a  <--- warning shadowing a

which are nice to sort out !!!

I review twice these patches before sending, but I fear to have missed
some points. Due to shadowing "this", the compiler does not complain if
I miss a parameter within the shadowed scope. I hope my IDE helped
enough to catch my human failure.

Learning with experiences, from now, not yet done consistently within
this patch series, I will proceed following this pattern:

as soon as I get a variable aaa shadowing this
-> replace all aaa with aaa0 independently if this variable is shadowing
or not (maybe I rename also a variable within a function, where there is
not shadowing)
  -> for following shadowing, increase the postfix with aaa1, aaa2,..

this will make slightly bigger diff, but will reduce the error
possibilities, since the compiler will complain for a aaa0 which was out
of the shadowed scope.

I hope this kind of approach is OK for you


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