[Libreoffice] Updated artwork for RC

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Tue Nov 30 04:29:44 PST 2010

Hi Thorsten,

On Tue, 2010-11-30 at 00:31 +0100, Thorsten Behrens wrote:
> default_images/framework/res/backing.png
> default_images/framework/res/backing_hc.png

	I don't believe we use these anymore; it would be great to remove them
all on master if you could :-)

> default_images/brand/shell/backing.png
> default_images/brand/shell/backing_hc.png

	We should drop all the hc variants in there too (if you would).

> default_images/introabout/about.png
> default_images/introabout/about.bmp
> default_images/introabout/intro.png
> default_images/introabout/intro.bmp

	I removed these (at least on master) some days ago.

> default_images/brand/introabout/about.png
> default_images/brand/introabout/about-pt_BR.png
> default_images/brand/introabout/intro.png
> default_images/brand/introabout/intro-pt_BR.png

	The above are the live ones

> instsetoo_native/inc_ooolangpack/windows/msi_templates/Binary/Banner.bmp

	There is a lot of cruft here; we should move it all to
default_images/brand/ IMHO.

> setup_native/source/win32/nsis/ooosdkbanner.bmp
> setup_native/source/win32/nsis/brosdkbanner.bmp

	Same for this lot - -but- I'm working on the NSIS stuff around this
just now - so please be patient ;-) there was a lot of obsolete artwork
in this directory too let me get that at least :-)



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