[Libreoffice] Install problem

sidney sidneym at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 12:41:23 PDT 2010

Michael Meeks wrote, On 2/10/10 3:46 AM:
> Hi Krishnan,
> On Thu, 2010-09-30 at 19:27 +0530, krishnan parthasarathi wrote:
>> I followed the above test and found that open() calls on pythonloader
>> module were failing with ENOENT. For eg,
> ..
> 	Ok - this is a broken pythonpath issue.
>> From the log file I found that ooinstall is looking for python module
>> in the system directories and not in the python that was built in LO.
> 	Right - so - we added a fix to ooinstall in git master that should make
> this work for you - just update: $ git pull -r # in your top-level
> source directory, and this should be fixed.
> 	Thanks for the report, hope it works for you now,

I don't know whether I built before or after this patch, but someone on IRC
suggested adding the --with-system-python option in the configuration step
which worked for me. Is that a result of this patch or is that option no
longer necessary?

I also found two other tweaks necessary for building on 64-bit Fedora 13. One
was to have --disable-kde. Even though I had first tried installing
kdelib-devel and kde3lib-devel I still got errors that looked like it thought
that some KDE headers were missing. The other was I had to remove the
following four files before running ooinstall or else it complained about the
modules already being installed when it tried to install them a second time

cd build/libreoffice-
rm swext/wiki-publisher.oxt
rm minimizer/presentation-minimizer.oxt
rm pdfimport/pdfimport.oxt
rm presenter/presenter-screen.oxt

Deleting any others of the multiple copies of those four oxt files resulted in
errors, the delete had to be of those four specific ones.

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