[Libreoffice] [Patch] Convert all virtual functions QueryValue() and PutValue() to return bool instead of a mix of BOOL and sal_Bool

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 00:38:42 PDT 2010

The patch is very large (almost 1M), because both BOOL and sal_Bool
are defined as unsigned char, and of course bool is... a boolean.
The C++ compiler doesn't like a virtual funciton declared as returning
a unsigned char and re-implemented returnuing a bool.
So it is an all or nothing operation.

one way to do that is phase would be:

1/ introduce a new typedef TBOOL as unsigned char
2/ do many small patchs to migrate the BOOL and sal_BOOL impacted by
this patch to TBOOL
3/ a patch to change the typedef of TBOOL to bool
4/ another series of patch to change TBOOL to bool
5/ remove the TBOOL typdedef

So if this big patch can go, that would be much simpler.

the patch is at:

Norbert Thiebaud

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