[Libreoffice] [PATCH] harmonization of BOOL vs sal_Bool as a prep for BOOL to bool converstion

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Oct 4 09:15:33 PDT 2010

Hi Norbert,

	So - first ... thanks for your great set of patches, it is nice to see
clean-ness trickling into the code :-) I reviewed, built, tested, and
merged these patches:

	* Convert all virtual functions QueryValue() and PutValue() to
	  return bool instead of a mix of BOOL and sal_Bool - ~1Mb ;-)

	* native bool support in SvXMLUnitConverter and connexe

	* harmonized some headers with implementation regarding BOOL
	  vs sal_Bool use.

	Which all looked great. They all looked good. Of course, for this task
we should be a bit careful about UNO compiled methods which use sal_Bool
- although, I suspect that even they would cause little trouble [ but
breaking the ABI related assembler binary bridges would be a little
unfortunate ].

	Anyhow - I didn't merge this:

	* Add support for bool for the operator << and >> of SvStream
		+ didn't apply this one: do we really need it (yet?)
			+ was concerned about accidental usage really.
		+ also, sizeof (bool) is not a good idea; if we are
		  writing to a binary stream, we want a fixed size eg.
		  a char on every platform, and not to change the binary
 		  format (of course).

On Sun, 2010-10-03 at 14:39 -0500, Norbert Thiebaud wrote:
> [PATCH] harmonization of BOOL vs sal_Bool as a prep for BOOL to bool converstion

	Or this attached patch, which (unfortunately) defeated me - too much
line wrapping grief, we should really teach your mailer about that ;-)
Better - we should get you direct commit access, can you go through the:
http://freedesktop.org/wiki/AccountRequests process ?

	I'd be happy for this sort of cleanup to be committed directly, under
three conditions:

	a) we don't touch any UNO-ised methods (yet[1]) [ these are
	   generated with sal_Bool anyway ].

	b) the code compiles cleanly

	c) you have checked a diff before/after of:
		'make vtable_check'
	   to ensure we didn't accidentally spike any virtual methods

	Just as an example my diff -u from before or after showed some false
positives [ a patch from Kohei, and your sw class rename to remove the
ambiguity ] which was interesting, I append the output for your
delectation. A correct (pure) re-factor, that doesn't include this stuff
would of course be an empty diff.

	Anyhow - it'd be great if you could re-send your latest work without
the line wrapping (as an attachment is perhaps best) - and an assurance
that the vtable check passes :-)

	Many thanks,


@@ -3745,7 +3744,7 @@
 252    dbaccess _ZTVN5dbaui13OTableRowViewE
 253    dbaccess _ZTVN5dbaui14SbaGridControlE
 253    dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess15OQueryContainerE
-256    dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess11ORowSetBaseE
+257    dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess11ORowSetBaseE
 259    dbaccess _ZTVN5dbaui16OTableEditorCtrlE
 26     dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess24FlushNotificationAdapterE
 26     dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess25ODocumentSaveContinuationE
@@ -3802,7 +3801,7 @@
 304    dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess17ODatabaseDocumentE
 31     _ZTVN4cppu15WeakImplHelper2IN3com3sun4star8document24XExtendedFilterDetectionENS3_4lang12XServiceInfoEEE
 31     dbaccess _ZTVN4cppu15WeakImplHelper2IN3com3sun4star4lang12XServiceInfoENS3_3sdb28XDataAccessDescriptorFactoryEEE
-315    dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess12ORowSetCloneE
+316    dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess12ORowSetCloneE
 32     dbaccess _ZTVN4cppu15WeakImplHelper2IN3com3sun4star5frame12XFrameLoaderENS3_4lang12XServiceInfoEEE
 32     dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess18SubComponentLoaderE
 32     dbaccess _ZTVN4cppu15WeakImplHelper2IN3com3sun4star4lang12XServiceInfoENS3_4task20XInteractionHandler2EEE
@@ -3968,7 +3967,7 @@
 5      dbaccess _ZTVN10comphelper15IEventProcessorE
 50     dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess21OQueryDescriptor_BaseE
 50     _ZTVN8sdbtools15ConnectionToolsE
-518    dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess7ORowSetE
+520    dbaccess _ZTVN8dbaccess7ORowSetE
 53     dbaccess _ZTVN4cppu24WeakComponentImplHelper1IN3com3sun4star4sdbc11XConnectionEEE
 55     _ZTVN4cppu15WeakImplHelper4IN3com3sun4star4lang12XServiceInfoENS4_15XInitializationENS3_4task4XJobENS3_13configuration7backend13XLayerHandlerEEE
 554    dbaccess _ZTVN5dbaui15SbaXFormAdapterE
@@ -17346,6 +17345,7 @@
 4      sw _ZTV12SwTxtPainter
 4      sw _ZTV18_SaveMergeRedlines
 4      sw _ZTV20_TblColGrpSaveStruct
+4      sw _ZTV10SwAttrIter
 4      sw _ZTVN3rtl10IReferenceE
 4      sw _ZTV15_CellSaveStruct
 4.5    sw _ZTv0_n44_NK2sw4mark9Fieldmark8ToStringEv
@@ -17778,6 +17778,7 @@
 6      sw _ZTV35AbstractSwInsertDBColAutoPilot_Impl
 6      sw _ZTVN3com3sun4star8document19XDocumentInsertableE
 6      sw _ZTV18SwBorderAttrAccess
+6      sw _ZTV13SwWW8AttrIter
 6      sw _ZTV14SwFindParaAttr
 6      sw _ZTV31AbstractSwModalRedlineAcceptDlg
 6      sw _ZTV11CompareLine
@@ -17823,7 +17824,6 @@
 6      sw _ZTV19SwWW8FltAnchorStack
 6      sw _ZTV17SwHistoryResetTxt
 6      sw _ZTV12SwTxtRefMark
-6      sw _ZTV10SwAttrIter
 6      sw _ZTV20SwHistorySetFootnote
 6      _ZTVN3ooo3vba4word8XDialogsE
 6      sw _ZTV25AbstractSwConvertTableDlg

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