[Libreoffice] revert 63ed769d256cc0fbd35853b30c51dfe2b4ad727c

Fridrich Strba fstrba at novell.com
Mon Oct 4 11:06:46 PDT 2010

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We came with a better fix that looks like satisfies all the
stake-holders. The problem should not be there since tonight anymore.



On 04/10/10 18:58, Sidney Markowitz wrote:
> Thomas Klausner wrote, On 5/10/10 12:07 AM:
>> Hi!
>> I just accidentally found that you reverted
>> 63ed769d256cc0fbd35853b30c51dfe2b4ad727c.
>> The message was:
>>     Revert "Fix problem with arguments containing spaces."
>>     Waiting for a proper fix that does not break stuff
>> What is the problem you're seeing?
> The following triggers the problem and isn't solved by changing the eval to an
> sh. In fact the regex isn't even involved.
> Instead of putting the CFLAGS argument at the end of the ./autogen.sh command
> line, put it in the environment before it. I trigger the error by setting two
> variables, for example,
> CFLAGS="-Wall -Wformat-security" CPPFLAGS="-Wall -Wformat-security" \
>  ./autogen.sh ...etc...
> or even using export to set them in the environment before invoking ./autogen.sh
> If you do that instead of ./autogen.sh ... CFLAGS=...
> then you find that the regexp is never involved, as the CFLAGS is not yet in
> the argument when it is run through the requote function, but the CFLAGS and
> CPPFLAGS values are later put into the configuration and end up squashed together.
> Look for PROPAGATED_ARGS in config.status and related files, and you can see
> that quotes disappear so you see 'CFLAGS=-Wall -Wformat-security' which then
> end up confusing the second run of configure.
> PROPAGATED_ARGS is generated using some macro in configure.in that I don't
> understand, in the lines (in configure.in):
> PROPAGATED_ARGS=$ac_configure_args
> I don't know what this does but it ends up not working with the arguments with
> spaces.
> Googling for ac_configure_args I see mentioned that its value is designed to
> be eval'd, which perhaps explains the eval that you changed to sh, but as I
> said I don't know how the autogen stuff works.
> Hope this helps.
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