[Libreoffice] About InstallationFinder (sdk, Java), an API question.

Giuseppe Castagno giuseppe.castagno at acca-esse.eu
Tue Oct 5 06:02:32 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I'm just browsing the code, so may be I'm plain wrong with this, but,
anyway here it is.

Please have a look here:


This function can be used to detect where LibO is installed, if I recall
correctly, this particular one is the code that can be used in Windows,
in Java.

If I'm not mistaken as it's there, it points to a OOo installation instead.

So may be this line:


should contain LibreOffice instead of OpenOffice.org.

I know it could be a bit early to points this out, but perhaps this
should be changed.

For Linux, line:


has a "soffice", shouldn't it be "libreoffice" ?

Since I'm not sure, can someone check this?


Kind Regards,
Giuseppe Castagno
Acca Esse http://www.acca-esse.eu
giuseppe.castagno at acca-esse.eu
beppec56 at openoffice.org

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