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werner w.landgraf at ru.ru
Tue Oct 5 08:56:28 PDT 2010

I'm making the SYS distro


I always made own .tgz packages of OO.    The basical 
package always was without
the english language parts, and additionally I made 
language packages.    This worked
and should be possible continuously on your fork (so that 
f.ex. german speaking persons
don't need to carry the english language parts).

I didnt like the slow development of OO.

I look forwards that this improves, with your fork.

The most important addition, to my opinion, would be to 
make the office program useable
via a browser, i.e. running as a server on these machines 
where it's installed.
Then very quickly people with W$ computers would use it 
without installation, and
stop to use M$ office.

A very important function what was never included, is an 
option to make a simple
sorted  reference-list of word - chapter:line of a whole 
document; it's incrivel
that such a function dont exist. This function is 
important for make a word list
of books, in which chapters:lines occurs a certain word 
(or ALL different words)
WITHOUT to mark each word for be included in the index. 
  When onewant to make a
word-list of the bible, one don't want to have to mark all 
 thousands of words before

The office program should work on KDE 3.5 too.

OO 3.3 had a problem not to work with the new version of 
gtk 2.21.7 and cairo-20100903
where gdk-pixbuf was separated, it crashed during the 
start (repeated steady-steady
a sensless document recover). This should be repaired.

Werner Landgraf
Professional hosting for everyone - http://www.host.ru

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