[Libreoffice] [SCRIPT, EASYHACK] "add-modelines", a script to add modelines to source files

someone at boldandbusted.com someone at boldandbusted.com
Sat Oct 9 11:41:05 PDT 2010

Howdy, all. It took some effort for this SysAdmin to craft a shell
script to meet this "EasyHack", but here it is in all it's ugly glory.
There's more to do, but this does work, if inelegantly. I'm attaching
the script (which I verified should work with /bin/sh, though I've only
developed it under Bash), and I'm attaching a gzip-ed test output from "git
format-patch -M -C <tag>" so you can see the damage it does.

Please let me know if you need info about usage (though hopefully the
comments tell the story). While it isn't written in Perl or Python, I
hope you find it useful. I look forward to substantive criticisms, bug
reports and perhaps feature requests. Please feel free to convert to
Perl/Python/Fortran/Ada/Logo/Assembler if you like. :)

(Thanks for all the help, #libreoffice, especially Fridrich and mmeeks!)

Jesse Adelman
San Francisco, CA

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