[Libreoffice] vos references

Joseph Powers jpowers27 at cox.net
Mon Oct 11 21:26:23 PDT 2010

I'm building for the Mac and the vos:: removal patch didn't include the mac files.

I found three files that have issues:

A patch would be nice; however, suggestions on how to patch are also welcome.

salinst.h:#include "vos/mutex.hxx"
salinst.h:class SalYieldMutex : public vos::OMutex
salinst.h:#define YIELD_GUARD vos::OGuard aGuard( GetSalData()->mpFirstInstance->GetYieldMutex() )
salinst.h:    virtual vos::IMutex*		GetYieldMutex();

salinst.cxx:    vos::OGuard aGuard( *mpSalYieldMutex );
salinst.cxx:    maMainThread = vos::OThread::getCurrentIdentifier();
salinst.cxx:vos::IMutex* AquaSalInstance::GetYieldMutex()
salinst.cxx:    return vos::OThread::getCurrentIdentifier() == maMainThread;

salgdi.cxx:#include "vos/mutex.hxx"

I'm thinking salgdi.cxx would be just the removal of the #include.

What where vos:IMutex, vos::OMutex, vos::OGuard & vos::OThread replaced with?

Joe P.

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