[Libreoffice] Improving the build experience in rawbuild

Cedric Bosdonnat cedric.bosdonnat.ooo at free.fr
Wed Oct 13 06:33:39 PDT 2010

Hi fellow developers,

We improved our build process a lot since the LibreOffice creation, but
there is still something I'ld like to improve. Developers should build
in rawbuild in order to create patches (or commit directly) easily.

The current build procedure described on the wiki and TDF website builds
in build/libreoffice*. In order to change that, I'ld like to do the
  * Change the rawbuild/configure.in to have the defaults matching the
options defined in distros-config/LibreOfficeLinux.conf.in
  * Hack bin/g to have bin/g clone download all the repos at the
appropriate place and create the rawbuild folder.

This way, all that would need to be done for a new developper building
on Linux would be:

  git clone .../build && cd build
  bin/g clone
  cd rawbuild
  ./autogen.sh && make && make dev-install

Do you have any strong opinion against that?

Cédric Bosdonnat
LibreOffice hacker
OOo Eclipse Integration developer

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