[Libreoffice] The Windows installer

Cesare Leonardi celeonar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 16:14:05 PDT 2010

Hello guys, just some comments and question about the Windows installer 
from a user and a Win2000 tester.

Today i wanted to download LO-3.3.0-beta2 for Windows and i left 
speechless in front of the download size: 318 MB! More than 2 times than 
I see that it's an installer that includes all the languages but i 
wonder if it is really necessary and if the languages are the only cause.

Unpacking the installer i see that it's all due to libreoffice1.cab: 
about 465 MB. Unpacking them too, i obtain 20401 file, totaling more 
than 1 GB.
Even if the installed size is about 500 MB, isn't the installer too big? 
I wonder what's the planned direction about it.
I were really happy to see a beta1 installer sensibly smaller than the 
official OOo...

To me were more smart the go-oo approach: an english installer + the 
interested language pack. The only thing that i wish it were different 
is an installed language pack integrated with the main application, with 
one entry in the control panel, so that when i have to uninstall it i 
have only to do it once. The language pack shouldn't be something that 
the user need to remove so frequently to deserve an entry in the control 

Libreoffice is a really promising project. I really hope that it will 
follow an "unbloating" process like did the Mozilla project in the past.

Keep up the good work.


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