[Libreoffice] LibreOffice config migration

André Schnabel andre.schnabel at gmx.net
Wed Oct 13 23:02:01 PDT 2010


Am 14.10.2010 07:51, schrieb Mechtilde:
> please don't take any user information from older version without any
> agreemaent of the user

I second this.

> If you do so you haven't the possibilityy to start *office with a new
> user directory e.g in case you destroy something yourself.

Correct. Config migration is not sometimes not very reliable and you may 
end up with a broken config. Best way to get around this is to remove 
config dir. But normally the people who give support only know about the 
*current* config dir - so if there are some legacy directories, these 
will not be removed and break the config at the next start.


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