[Libreoffice] NEEDINFO in the FreeDesktop bugzilla

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Thu Oct 14 04:17:18 PDT 2010


The Novell Bugzilla has a nice feature I am missing in the FreeDesktop
bugzilla - the NEEDINFO state, and its straightforward handling.  This
is for the bugs that are waiting for input, mostly from the initial

Nevertheless, we have the possibility to use the NEEDINFO keyword.  In
addition to that, I think Whiteboard looks suitable for the address of
the supposed info provider - how does that sound to you?  I mean, when
the bug description is incomplete, you would set:

----- 8< -----
Whiteboard: address at of.the.info.provider
Keywords: NEEDINFO
Addition Comments: Please provide the missing strace, and also the exact
steps to reproduce, etc.
----- 8< -----

When the info is provided, you'd reset Whiteboard and remove NEEDINFO
from Keywords.

If OK [ie. nobody vetoes the use of Whiteboard for the info provider
address ;-)], I'll hack a GreaseMonkey script that will ease the
NEEDINFO setting/showing/resetting.

[BTW - there is one more nice Keyword, 'patch' - for bugs with a patch


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