[Libreoffice] friendlier build errors ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Oct 14 04:57:49 PDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-10-14 at 10:19 +0100, Michael Meeks wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-10-14 at 08:37 +0200, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> > Where is the "build" executable I'm supposed to run when a build is
> > interrupted ?
> 	Ah - good point :-) I'll update the build script to print a more
> useful message in a bit, but first:

	Hopefully - git master now doesn't tell you to execute a command you
can't run ;-) when we get a build failure it should say something like

Compiling: vcl/source/app/brand.cxx
/data/opt/OpenOffice/loffice/vcl/source/app/brand.cxx:80:2: error: #error Error !
dmake:  Error code 1, while making '../../unxlngi6.pro/slo/brand.obj'

        Oh dear - something failed during the build - sorry !
  For more help with debugging build errors, please see the section in:

 it seems that the error is inside 'vcl', please re-run build
 inside this module to isolate the error and/or test your fix:

cd /opt/OpenOffice/loffice
source ./LinuxX86Env.Set.sh
cd vcl

when you have isolated and fixed the problem re-run 'make' from the top-level

	With a suitable variant for multi-threaded building; great bug to get
fixed :-)



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