[Libreoffice] Improving the build experience in rawbuild

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Oct 14 13:23:43 PDT 2010

Hi guys,

On Thu, 2010-10-14 at 09:31 +0200, Cedric Bosdonnat wrote:
> > >  * Change the rawbuild/configure.in to have the defaults matching the
> > > options defined in distros-config/LibreOfficeLinux.conf.in
> > 
> > What about Mac? What about Windows?
> Hum... You're right! Any better idea to have something smooth very
> everyone?

	Soo ... I think we can cope with a slightly different flow for mac and
windows (at some level this is inevitable).

	* personally I'd love to get rid of 'build' - it just adds
	  confusion, and possible loss in my view.

	Can we not make 'unpack' do one of two things:

	On Windows [ and Mac? ]
		* create 'rawbuild' and rsync it as/when necessary
		  to 'build'
	On Linux
		* create 'build' as a set of symlinks (a-la-rawbuild)

	And then continue almost as normal ?

> The point is to generate it sooner: it is now generated by download
> which is generated by the build/autogen.sh. The idea here is to have a
> simple process to build in rawbuild instead of build/libreoffice*

	We could do it as part of download I guess.

> > I'd like to be able to do "rm -rf build" and run make again, without
> > re-downloading stuff again (ideally stuff downloaded using different

	Right - hopefully the symlinks make that possible, without making it
dangerous. Having said that hopefully we could get used to using "make
clean" instead - which is the normal way for most autotools packages.

> > And of course I'd like to be the version for Mac that way as well as a
> > Linux version.

	I guess if macs have symlinks, this would work well too (?) though
clearly it would be even more ideal not to have symlinks - but to build
each module into a different OUTPATH, or just rely on 'make clean' to
cleanup the pieces in the tree.

	So - why should we not switch the default build to happen inside a
'rawbuild' like directory ?



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