[Libreoffice] LibreOffice config migration

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Fri Oct 15 08:21:48 PDT 2010

Hi guys,

	Soo - I'm trying to understand and summarize where we are, and the
basic problems so we can make a good decision; here are some of them
that I see:

	A. Config migration is not 100% reliable, sometimes it gives you
	   a broken config; if you remove your config - but the
	   migration is automatic - you get no way to fix it.
		A2. Thus if we do this automatically, it can give the
		    impression that OO.o is 'just broken' / 'does not
		    work at all' - where in fact, we just somehow
		    corrupted an old settings directory.

	B. No config migration gives a problematic user experience
	   whereby you loose your settings (or macros, or ...) between

	So - here is my suggestion ;-) hopefully it annoys everybody, and it is

	1. we trawl for broken configuration settings in the code,
	   and work to harden the code against bad configurations so
	   it at least does not crash.
		+ perhaps we could add an EasyHack to do some fuzzing
		  of the new XML config stuff as a start.

	2. we continue to do automatic config migration since this is
	   a commonly desired use-case
	   as we migrate the settings the first time, we write into the
	   (original - ie. the old version)'s directory a stamp file
	   that says "these have been imported"
	   if the same version is run again with the new settings
	   directory removed (ie. someting went wrong); we prompt the
	   user on the second time:
		"do you want to (re-)import settings from ABC install"

	How does that sound as a compromise ? that way - hopefully we test the
migration code some more (although I agree this piece is hard to QA),
and we avoid annoying our users with dialogs on updates.

	However - if the user does a migration and discovers their LibreOffice
is really broken: they are -no worse off- than they would have been
before had they selected the 'migrate' option: ie. they need to go and
remove their settings directory. Next time they run - they will get

	How does that sound ? or am I missing some requirements /
problems ? :-)



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