[Libreoffice] missing libicui18n

Thomas Klausner wiz at NetBSD.org
Sun Oct 17 08:58:23 PDT 2010

On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 04:37:29PM +0200, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> And it's true, there is no libicui18n* anywhere. How should it have been built?

With some help from Fridrich, we found that it wanted to use the
external one, but still doesn't respect LDFLAGS here. Setting
ENVLINKFLAGS solved this problem.

Fails later now, though:
Making:    libstdstrm.a
ar -r -L/usr/pkg/lib -Wl,-R/usr/pkg/lib
../unxbsdx3.pro/lib/libstdstrm.a ../unxbsdx3.pro/obj/stream.o
../unxbsdx3.pro/obj/strmsys.o ../unxbsdx3.pro/obj/cachestr.o
ranlib ../unxbsdx3.pro/lib/libstdstrm.a
ar: illegal option -- L


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