[Libreoffice] [PATCH] removed a lot of dead code and bogus comments

Povilas Kanapickas povilas.kanapickas at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 09:31:20 PDT 2010

>     Ok - so, one thing that is helpful is: if you use a script - can you

> post the script instead of a patch ? :-) that way we save a lot of

> reviewer time.


I used a graphical find/replace manager. I don't remember how exactly the
regexp looked, but at first I removed all '/*.*/ ' comments (where '.' is
any character. Also note the space at the end), later I removed the
remaining '/*.*/'. IIRC I was mostly working in the filters/ directory.
Could you inform me once you remove these comments? Then I can sync the git
repository and obtain the other changes I made, which will still be a lot of
dead code removed, I guess.

> not all of the conditionally compiled out code is useless, some of the
in-line tests

> are perhaps useful to keep (for now) until we have a good unit test

> framework.

I didn't try to decide which code is valuable. I think it's better to remove
all dead code at once and then explicitly state that what's left is there
for a reason (maybe tag all left '#if 0's with a specific comment?). This
would save a lot of work for other people and maybe even help to build the
test framework.

> It'd be great to move up the hierarchy of

> 'easiness' though - the goal of the easy tasks is only secondarily to

> make the code prettier, primarily it is to get people building,

> contributing, and get stuck into the code :-)

Ok:) These patches were maybe the first my contributions so I was a bit
affraid to start high. After all, LibreOffice is quite a big codebase to
begin working with.

>     What most interests you in LibreOffice ? do you have some deeper goal

> in one of the components / filters / features we can help you with ?

Currently I don't have my favourite subject:)

> [ and are you on IRC ? ] :-)

I'm not used to it, but I can set it up.


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