[Libreoffice] ODF thumbnailer for win32/osx

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Oct 18 22:48:17 PDT 2010

Hi Jon,

On Sun, 2010-10-17 at 04:11 +0200, Jon Nordby wrote:
> Does LibreOffice ship an ODF thumbnail implementation for
> file-managers on Windows and Mac OSX? If so, where in the sources can
> I find it? If not, can anyone point me to other implementations?

	Not that I know of though we may well do; probably we should. If there
is some well known API to hook into to do this, then I would search the
code for that.

	Failing that - writing one should be an easy hack; the ODF file format
is just a .zip file, and it contains a .png image with a thumbnail
anyway - so it should be a trivial open / extract-file / scale-image
type flow: are you interested in working on that ? [ and presumably it
doesn't work for you currently - hence the question ;-) ]



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