[Libreoffice] how can we import/export .cbz/.cbr files on LibreOffice Impress?

Paulo Silva nitrofurano at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 04:08:32 PDT 2010


A missing awesome feature on LibreOffice Impress would be the possibility on
importing/exporting .cbz and .cbr files on LibreOffice Impress.

eVince (pdf reader, default on Ubuntu and Debian), can show .cbz and .cbr
files as presentations,  and both .cbz and .cbr files can be simply created
as just putting picture files (.jpg, .png, etc.) with filenames sorted
alphanumerically into a .zip or .rar file (compressed folder)

this feature can be important for these reasons:

1- being able to create a presentation file just compressing a folder of
pictures, and send to someone only knows what a presentation file is
(impress, powerpoint, etc.)
2- being able to convert a presentation file to be opened in a comicbook
3- having an efficient way to import a picture sequence, each picture for
each presentation page, whithout the time and patience wasting on putting
one in each page (just imagine hundreds or thousands, in a correct
4- most people, like me (and overally all graphic designers), struggles a
lot with graphic editing features of Impress, powerpoint, or any other, and
feels these presentation editors lacks on very basic features that Inkscape
or Gimp doesn't, and this would be a awesomelly comfortable way to create a
presentation file created from a picture sequence done from true vectorial
or raster editors
5- besides there are .cbz and .cbr to .pdf converters (based on python
scripts, or similar thing), there are no similar converters can do this to
.odp or .ppt files, and LibreOffice could fill this gap

cheers an thanks,

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