[Libreoffice] build out of git repos - first steps

Jesús Corrius jesus at softcatala.org
Tue Oct 19 11:39:51 PDT 2010

>        Ok - so this is all good for the Unix case; unfortunately I believe we
> -may- need something different for Windows. Having said that I don't see
> any windows conditionals in unpack as of now - which seems to suggest
> that the symlinks / rsync works; Jesus - what do you recommend - can we
> run the build with cygwin's simulated symlinks - or is that going to
> make a slow Win32 build even slower ? :-)

This is going to make the slow Win32 build even slower, for sure. What
I don't know if it will cross the thin line between "Very slow" to
"Unacceptable" :)

I agree that makes sense for the Unix case, but this can be very
painful for the, already painful, Windows platform :)

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