[Libreoffice] PATCH - change default KDE from 3 to 4

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Oct 25 12:26:30 PDT 2010

Hi Wols,

On Mon, 2010-10-25 at 18:50 +0100, Wols Lists wrote:
> So. I'll try and improve my autoconf-fu :-)

	cool :-) thanks.

> First thing to check - I presume if no config is specified then the
> variables get set to null, so I need to check for three states ie yes,
> no and null.

	Right - I think if it is not set; you can specify the value in the
macro thus:

[  --disable-mozilla       OO.o usually includes a strangely hacked up mozilla
                          binary for your platform, to build without this
                          version, use this option.

	in this case you'd want enable_foo="auto" or something, and then detect
and work out what auto should be for that system.

> If no, it gets left out.
> If yes, it gets compiled in.
> If null, it is autodetected and compiled if it's there.

	Correct - that's what we want ;-)

> So if it's yes but not there, then die like at present :-)

	Quite ! :-) that is important for packagers to stay sane.

> I will accept the mission :-) I may be a long time ... (and I'll
> try and document what I learn on the wiki build page :-)

	Good work !

	Many thanks,


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