[Libreoffice] vos removal is now merged in master

Norbert Thiebaud nthiebaud at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 19:40:00 PDT 2010

After a heroic review by kendy, the vos-removal branch has been merged
into master and is being pushed as I type :-)

here was no volonteer to do a test build on windows prior to the
merge... so things may go wrong there. (hopefully trivial things like
a missing include, a missing library in a link or some stupid typo)
Joesph Power had a run at the MacOS build and found some issue that
were fixed. they may still be issues, as we didn't have another
iteration to verify...

Linux x86_64 has been build mutiple times... smoketested and manually
tested. the smoketest used to work fine in the branch itself. but the
same smoketest quit working on master before the merge (and still is
not working after the merge)

ToDo list:
- there are some patches in ./patches that still contain some vos:: things.
- there are a bunch of xml file related to uno service description
that still mention vos as a dependencies. this need to be fixed. the
problem is not so much to remove the vos dependencies, but to add the
one that sometimes where introduced to compensate for vos
disappearance. tracking down what the dependencies reallly are did not
seem trivial. a script may be in order to get it right.


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