[Libreoffice] [Pushed] Easy Task - systray build progress tracker

Luke Dixon 6b8b4567 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 11:00:43 PDT 2010

Hello Michael,

> 	Heh; I guess default_icons/ should have a bus-load of artwork in it.

I've looked there, I can't really see one that really does it. Maybe the
default icon is good enough.

> 	Wonderful - thanks; merged it now - I added the 'sleep' inside
> zenity_close - to avoid it being on the other code path.
Thanks, that makes sense. I saw the other commits by people that fixed
what I had broken, I'm very sorry for any trouble I've caused.

> 	And thank you for submitting a fix ! much appreciated; I've removed the
> task from the Easy Hacks wiki page to avoid overlap. What would really
> help is the finding of other easy hacks for others ;-) [ we are running
> shorter over time ... ]
I'll try and look out for some, but it would be a little difficult as
I'm new to this code.

> 	Of course, some more feature work precisely here might be nice ;-) eg.
> if we are building from an interactive terminal, on Unix, and we have
> DISPLAY= set, and we have zenity installed - it might be nice to default
> that flag to on. I also needed to do some tweaking to make it work
> properly with parallel building - eg. autogenning with:
> 	--with-num-cpus=16 --with-max-jobs=4 --enable-zenity
I forgot about DISPLAY. Thanks. I'll have to look into it.
I guess I'm going to have to try building with different option and in
different environments.

> 	And I hope that the open3 module works nicely on Windows / Mac -
> supposedly it is 'core'.
I thought about this, but I thought I'd see what gets said about it.
Zenity spits out lots of stuff on stderr, which I guess could just be
piped to /dev/null instead.

> 	Anyhow - thanks ! is there anything else you'd like to work on ?

I'm not really sure. I've not really looked at any of this code before
so I'm just trying to learn about it at the moment, though I haven't
looked at anything past the build system yet.

Thank you for being so welcoming.


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