[Libreoffice] dpslo / compile poisoning ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Fri Oct 29 03:57:49 PDT 2010

Hi guys,

	I had a fun problem with calc just now that was quite revealing. I
added a file (to test Regina's nice code) to calc's makefile.mk, and it
compiled the dpslo. Then I removed that file from the makefile.mk - yet
it still built:

echo "#error an error" > sc/source/core/tool/interpr7.cxx

	would compile interpr7.obj even though it was not mentioned in

	It seems it came from the dpslo file:

michael at linux-3bmr:/data/opt/OpenOffice/HEAD/build/libreoffice-> grep -R s_interpr7.dpcc *
unxlngi6.pro/misc/all_tool.dpslo:../../../unxlngi6.pro/misc/all_tool.dpslo : ../../../unxlngi6.pro/misc/s_interpr7.dpcc 
s_addincol.dpcc s_addinhelpid.dpcc s_addinlis.dpcc s_address.dpcc
s_adiasync.dpcc s_appoptio.dpcc s_autoform.dpcc s_callform.dpcc
s_cellform.dpcc s_cellkeytranslator.dpcc s_chartarr.dpcc
s_charthelper.dpcc s_chartlis.dpcc s_chartlock.dpcc s_chartpos.dpcc
s_chgtrack.dpcc s_chgviset.dpcc s_collect.dpcc s_compiler.dpcc
s_consoli.dpcc s_dbcolect.dpcc s_ddelink.dpcc s_detdata.dpcc
s_detfunc.dpcc s_docoptio.dpcc s_doubleref.dpcc s_editutil.dpcc
s_filtopt.dpcc s_formulaparserpool.dpcc s_hints.dpcc s_inputopt.dpcc
s_interpr1.dpcc s_interpr2.dpcc s_interpr3.dpcc s_interpr4.dpcc
s_interpr5.dpcc s_interpr6.dpcc s_interpr7.dpcc s_lookupcache.dpcc
s_navicfg.dpcc s_odffmap.dpcc s_optutil.dpcc s_parclass.dpcc
s_printopt.dpcc s_prnsave.dpcc s_progress.dpcc s_queryparam.dpcc
s_rangelst.dpcc s_rangenam.dpcc s_rangeseq.dpcc s_rangeutl.dpcc
s_rechead.dpcc s_refdata.dpcc s_reffind.dpcc s_refreshtimer.dpcc
s_reftokenhelper.dpcc s_refupdat.dpcc s_scmatrix.dpcc
s_simplerangelist.dpcc s_stringutil.dpcc s_subtotal.dpcc s_token.dpcc
s_unitconv.dpcc s_userlist.dpcc s_viewopti.dpcc s_zforauto.dpcc 

	Which - I guess needs a better rule to re-build itself :-)

	Will look into that.

	I suspect this lies behind a number of people's incremental build
problems, when we remove files from the compilation.



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