[Libreoffice] regression tests - for word count ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Fri Oct 29 04:08:13 PDT 2010

Hi Wols,

On Thu, 2010-10-28 at 23:56 +0100, Wols Lists wrote:
> > 	Anyone particularly brave that feels able to replicate the calc
> > regression tests for writer out there ?
> I know I'm butting in without knowing the details, but what do you mean
> by "the right result".

	Ah - he who writes the regression tests, rules the world :-)

>  One of the reasons WordPerfect has hung on so
> strongly to the lawyer market in the US is that Word does not use the
> legal definition of word-count (something to do with footnotes or
> footers or that sort of thing). Do we know how Word and WordPerfect
> count words, and can we emulate both of them?

	Well - I'm well up for 'doing it right' personally; but I would love to
have some well commented regression tests with the corner cases
explained carefully there.

> Even if we're not getting it right right now, if we define the
> regression tests we can then make the code fit :-)

	Naturally :-) but what we really need is brave hackers to write
them ...



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