[Libreoffice] Windows dependancies

Martin Gallwey martin at gallwey.com
Fri Oct 29 06:49:35 PDT 2010

> No
>> I think  what was wanted for us to have the files that are  put in the
>>  installer  also available for dowload from some LibreOffice  site, not
>>  just from  Microsoft.
> Yes, to auto-install, or as close to possible auto-install, all the
> dependencies needed to build LibreOffice on windows via the ./download
> step, and not manually run around downloading/installing them manually.

Yep, anything that reduces the amount of required faffing around before 
you can type 'make' would be good. Something else which is a bit odd is 
that the autogen.sh/configure scripts expect you to have a system libxml2 
and ant installed despite the fact that these are included in src:


Seems peculiar - why is this?

Is anyone familiar with any way to script Cygwin package installation?

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