[Libreoffice] Minutes of first LibreOffice technical group call

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Tue Sep 28 07:05:41 PDT 2010

Present:	Thorsten, Caolan, Rene, Michael
Invited:	Petr, Fridrich

* release plan / branching
	+ decided to continue merging patches until 30th October
		+ no large / risky / de-stabilising (new) feature work
		+ merge existing patches and CWS' from everyone
			+ ie. merging existing, tested, distributed features ok
		+ merge cleanups, and bug fixes too
		+ improving the build system
	+ Oct 30th - freeze / branch for 3.3
		+ critical bug fixes / l10n etc. merging
		+ final release when ready.

* git branches / commit model
	+ we discussed various ways of using git, patches etc.
	+ we will move away from patching
	+ 'master' the default branch will always be the bleeding edge
		+ developers (or tinderboxes) will tag when a known
		  good build is identified: eg. linux-built, windows-built
		+ people by default help fix the bleeding edge

* tackling / resourcing blockers
	+ windows lang-pack issues (Michael)
AA:		+ send proposed solution to the list
		+ work on it [ also BrOffice.org splash in Brazil ]
		+ Fridrich to build lang-packs separately
	+ deeper identifier scrubbing 
	+ pending patch merging (Caolan / David / Fridrich / Kohei)

* general updates
	+ in a development phase for all of Fedora, Debian
	  and openSUSE
AA:	+ expidite freedesktop account creation
	+ split build of great interest to packagers, particularly
	  on slower machines
		+ needs more polish to make it pretty
AA:	+ need a new source license header template (Michael)
		+ with no shouting in it.
		+ in meantime add our (C) where it applies

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