[Libreoffice] icon in GNOME3

Bernhard Dippold bernhard at familie-dippold.at
Tue Apr 5 12:49:26 PDT 2011

Hi Andreas, Florian, all

(CC'ing two lists because I can't reach all the people involved on one 
of them)

Andreas Proschofsky schrieb:
> Hi Florian,
> Well yes and no. The icons in the Linux binary are the right ones, but
> if you build from source you still get the old ones by default.

So this is a bug - the source shouldn't contain old OOo icons any more.

The relevant bug report is 
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33229, but I don't know how 
far Thorsten (or anybody else?) has been able by now to update the 
places where the old icons appear.

> To add
> complexity to this story: The icons in the screenshot are from the
> openSUSE default icon set, I've used them on my system for the screens
> as the LibreOffice default icons look pretty bad in GNOME3 atm.
> (Disclaimer to those who don't know me: I'm the author of the article in
> question). That's simply because we (LO) don't deliver high resolution
> icons right now.

We do. Thorsten did integrate all the different sizes we (LibO Design 
Team) provided.

The largest scale is 256x256 for all application/document icons.
They look like this:

One month ago Jakub Steiner mentioned already the lack of 256px icons. 
Thorsten had been involved in this discussion, but I don't know if the 
source of the problem could already be found out and solved in master.

If not, it's my fault too, because I didn't include the topic in the bug 
report until today :-(

> What GNOME Shell / GNOME 3.0 would need is shiny
> 256x256 Pixel resolutions. 48x48 are scaled up and look very fuzzy as a
> result.

Of course. We do provide the large scale, they are just not distributed 
in the respective /usr/share/icons/hicolor/ folders.
> So what needs to be done:
> *) Add 256x256 pixel versions of the LO icons
... to the right folders ;-)

> *) Adapt libreoffice-build to actually use them ;)
... I think this might be a GUI feature ...

> *) Optionally: Make openSUSE to not use its own icons for
> LibreOffice ;)

It's their decision (even if we hope they would be satisfied by our 
hires icons). The least we would ask is not to use OpenOffice.org symbols...

Best regards


PS: Designers: We should think of providing single SVG icons (256px) to 
be provided as scalable sources in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable. 
But I think it is not as easy as extracting .png files from the Inkscape 
source, if we want to get single flat icons for every application...

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