[Libreoffice] Microsoft Producer for Powerpoint 2003 equivalent

Randolph, Ronald E. Ronald.Randolph at va.gov
Thu Apr 7 04:40:28 PDT 2011

Just a question guys, before I decide on your great product.  I use
Microsoft Producer which allows me to record my actions on the screen
within most any application.  I used this to create Video Training
Modules for our residents and now find I can use this at home when I
need a help desk procedure.


Does your LibreOffice have an application like this within its software?
I did not see it but the naming conventions are a little different.
Thanks for the help.


Ron E. Randolph, MT, Lab Information Manager

Robley Rex VA Medical Center, 

Station 603, P&LMS-113

Suite B333

800 Zorn Ave

Louisville, Ky.    40206

Ph: 1-502-287-5499

Fx: 1-502-287-6265

Pg: 1-502-478-2416


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