[Libreoffice] code cleanup in embeddedobj

Christina Roßmanith ChrRossmanith at web.de
Sun Apr 10 11:19:27 PDT 2011


in docholder.cxx in DocumentHolder::FreeOffice most of the code is 
commented out with a remark

         // the following code is commented out since for now there is 
still no completely correct way to detect
         // whether the office can be terminated, so it is better to 
have unnecessary process running than
         // to loose any data

If I understand the output of git annotate correctly, these lines are 
from 2005. Keep or remove (comment & commented code)?

Similar in olecomponent.cxx: OleComponent::getTransferData

         // The following optimization does not make much sence 
currently just because
         // only one aspect is supported, and only three formats for the 
aspect are supported
         // and moreover it is not guarantied that the once returned 
format will be supported further
         // example - i52106
         // TODO/LATER: bring the optimization back when other aspects 
are supported

 From 2005 as well.

Does embeddedobj/test/Container1/BitmapPainter.java belong to a unit 
test? And is the code of method execute() commented out to prevent the 
test to fail? What about commented code in <module>/test directories in 
general? Keep it because it shall be re-enabled some day?


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