[Libreoffice] update service

Ryan Jendoubi ryan.jendoubi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 10:52:59 PDT 2011

On 13/04/11 17:57, plino wrote:
> It is quite interesting that this message from one of the members of the
> Steering Committee is unanswered since 12 February.
> Maybe I'm wrong about the importance of this feature but it puzzles me that
> both OOo and LO seem to ignore having an update mechanism.
> IMO adding this single feature would clearly separate the two suites and
> give an advantage to whoever adds it first...

Just a reply to a ping saying, "Yes, you have to go download a new 
version now"? Doesn't seem /that/ interesting.

Unless you also mean something like the "Upgrade and update through 
patches" idea as listed here:
That would be truly cool.


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