[Libreoffice] [PATCH] remove dead code and uncompiled code in 'sd' module

cocofan cocofan at mailbolt.com
Wed Apr 13 18:01:00 PDT 2011

  Attached is a patch for the Easy Hack removing commented out code
(dead or uncompiled code).  This is for the 'sd' module since I've been
working in it lately.  I wasn't sure what other code needs to be done as
I couldn't find any information on which parts of the code have already
been cleaned up. (I know several programmers where working on this
awhile back). 

                     Dona Hertel

******Note to Thorsten:
  In the next few days I'm going email a partially-working patch of the
old Autolayout code from 2009.  It's going to take some doing as the old
patch doesn't apply at all to the new build (the directories are
different) and I'm manually separating out the code and adding it
gradually (there's quite a bit of rewriting to do).  Should I send this
to you directly instead of the mailing list as its not something that
will be added to the main repository right now?

                   Dona Hertel - cocofan at mailbolt.com

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