[Libreoffice] Document( header=table, body=table )

Gordon Haverland ghaverla at materialisations.com
Thu Apr 14 16:53:49 PDT 2011

Normally, a header is a single line.  For some documents, part of 
that single line could be an image (preferably vector).

The document I am playing with, is guaranteed to be composed of 12 
or more lines of content in the header (typically as 4 tables on 
top of each other).  All examples I've seen, have the header being 
less than half a page, but no guarantee on that.  Obviously, if 
the header is more than 1 page long, there is no way to typeset 
things as the page is too small.

I have (effectively) reproduced the document in LaTeX.  It is not 

The parent documents are .doc.  I can get content using various 
Perl modules, getting structured content doesn't seem to be 
possible.  I can save at least 1 of these documents as ODT.  As 
ODT is nominally all text (if compressed), I thought that perhaps 
turning a document into a template (by changing specific data into 
known strings) might work.

I suppose people familiar with ODT will not be surprised to hear 
that I cannot find my known strings in either content.xml or 
manifest.zip (my hope was it is content.xml).

I had loaded up a document into perl using OpenOffice::OODoc, and 
generated the XPath object.  The file is nominally 35kB, getting 
an almost 8 MB dump of the XPath object wasn't expected.

How should a person use an ODT document as a template to produce 
versions of the document?


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