[Libreoffice] needful function on calc

Deve deveee at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 04:20:36 PDT 2011


I hope this mail will be send there, where should be send. If it is bad 
place you can change it.

In calc, on doing GRAPH is necessary one simple function. When I'm doing 
LINEAR REGRESSION I can't set that line CROSS POINT (0,0). It's 
important function, for example in simple physical exercise.
In laboratory tested: v=1m/s car drived 5m, in v=2m/s car drived 11m. 
But for v=0m/s lenght ALWAYS WILL BE 0. Not for example 0,0005.

I can do it manually. I can use function REGLINP, there set up that 
function cross point (0,0) and add it to graph. But it fill much time.

It needn't be cross (1,5), (3,4) and other, only (0,0) is realy important.

This function was in microsoft office xp. Newer also too. This function 
is also in Gnumeric (package of gnome-office on linux).

I hope for positive hear of matter.

I can correct something if will be needed.


deveee at gmail.com
Dawid Gan

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