[Libreoffice] Macro recording: how unstable is unstable?

Ben McGinnes ben at adversary.org
Sun Apr 17 10:58:09 PDT 2011

	I originally asked this on the users mailing list, but every
response (well, both of them) have directed me here.

Currently the record macro option, which was active by default in
OpenOffice.org, is disabled by default and activated via the "enable
experimental (unstable) features" option in Tools > Options > General.

I am curious to know just what degree of instability activating this
or permanently activating this can or will produce.  Will it crash
LibreOffice?  Will it trash data?  Does it only cause problems under
certain circumstances?  Or does it chew up large amounts of memory?

What form does this instability actually take and which bug number(s)
are attempting to address it?

It's not a huge hassle, at the moment I just activate it when I want
to record a macro and deactivate afterwards, but curiosity is
beginning to get the better of me.


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