[Libreoffice] release plan : inconsistency between 3.3.3 and 3.4

Pierre-André Jacquod pjacquod at alumni.ethz.ch
Tue Apr 19 12:45:31 PDT 2011

jumping late into the subject, but....

On 04/11/2011 12:25 PM, Michael Meeks wrote:
> 	The plan is (of course), to keep releasing 3.3.x releases as long as
> people are interested in creating them I suppose[1] - we should come up

May I disagree ?? This is not a very predictable use for all involved: 
users, distros, etc... When to jump to next version? What happens for 
bug discovered in distros ?

Especially if we have 3-4 X.Y release a year....

> 	IMHO it is good to have a stable release of 3.3 after releasing 3.4 -
Here I fully agree,

Could it be not possible to have some rules, like the release of version 
X.Y.0 means end of support for X.(Y-2) version. En in case of X.0.0 
version, only the latest (X-1).Y.Z version is supported ?

and that in what-ever X.Y.Z and X.(Y-1).W, only the latest Z and W are 
supported? But this would implies to have at least within the X.Y path 
an update mechanism, especially for Windows.

But this could lead to problems, since distro's have a more slowly pace 
of release.

So what about picking long term support, e.g. 3.5 is long term support, 
means 2 years, what ever happens for the number of releases ?

This kind of scheme would limited (and clarify) the number of release 
that are / could be cared of. (again, usefull with several X.Y a year) 
So if you get a bug report, you know against which release you have to 
test / it will be tested.

Just thinking loud... other wants to do it also? :-)


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