[Libreoffice] [PATCH] conditional formatting with an unlimited number of rules

Robert Dargaud libo at bobiciel.com
Tue Apr 19 16:18:33 PDT 2011

Hi Christoph,

Le 15/04/11 21:59, Christoph Noack a écrit :
> Hi Bob,
> [...]
>>> [...]
>>> I'm currently thinking about whether something like the "Custom Document
>>> Properties" [1] might be a next step - the UI design pattern might fit
>>> here as well. Mmh ...
>> Oh ! Yes !!! It seem perfectly adapted, I have a look to code and start
>> to hack tomorow
> Amazing! Just tell if you have any questions related to the UI behavior
> or user's needs ...
> I think (but I'm not a developer) that the main issue will be to build a
> table with entries similar to the current ones (having several controls
> stacked in a container that represents a list item). A simple table like
> the one for the custom document properties might not work ... to many
> information / controls. Or at least I don't know if there is a solution
> that will work well nevertheless.

Last week I have a look to CustomProperties classes and it seems a good 
base to create a generic control for this sort of UI list.
I can't work on it these days but I will try to propose something in the 
begining of may.

> At least, we may get rid of the Checkbox, and place the "New Style ..."
> below the table (because it is a rather generic control).

If we add an "Apply" button, the checkbox will be usable to momentaly 
desactivate a rule.

> And (dreaming) one day, we'll be able to provide something like
> LivePreview (or Apply behavior) for such dialogs :-)

Yes, but LivePreview should be implemented for all dialogues who change 
formats and styles. I think it will be a big work.
In first time, I've added a preview for each style used by rules. It's 
allready a progress ;-)

>> And I will debug refresh ... who is not really perfect ! like you can
>> see on screen shot below.
>> http://archives.bobiciel.com/libo/custom_properties/custom_document_properties_LibO_ubuntu.jpg
>> http://archives.bobiciel.com/libo/custom_properties/custom_document_properties_OOo_Mac.jpg
> Ouch! Doesn't look that nice ... that's true.

It's fixed : https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36069

Best regard


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