[Libreoffice] MSO binary formats

Andy Brown andy at the-martin-byrd.net
Thu Apr 21 09:33:32 PDT 2011

Found an interesting link in users mailing list.  Doing some research I 
came across [1].  At first glance this would seem to permit anyone to 
use the Microsoft binary formats without any problem.  For any legal 
types, is this in fact true?  If so to the developers how much work 
would be involved to bring LibreOffice in line with the published formats?

[2] is an entry way to the specifications.

[1] http://www.microsoft.com/interop/osp/default.mspx
[2] http://www.microsoft.com/interop/docs/officebinaryformats.mspx

Interested minds what to know.


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