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Thu Apr 21 12:16:14 PDT 2011

the bug and close it
(I'll do this in a week time if nobody objects).

> b) for the other multilibs platforms, powerpc64 and s390x, we do an
> additional @SIZEOF_LONG@ test in to see if the compiler is
> in 32bit or 64bit mode. As a quick fix you could merge Linux
> if ($platform =3D~ m/^i[3456]86/) and elsif ($platform =3D~ m/^x86_64/)
> together and then switch off ('@SIZEOF_LONG@' eq '8') to take the
> branch and otherwise.

I somehow feel the current LibO build scripts are doing things in two
places. The parameters to the configure script plus the set_soenv
script. From a conceptual perspective, it bothers me but if I'm the
only one feeling like that, then there's no issue. This proposed
solution is still patching rather than addressing the underlining
problem (and for that, I'd rather go with a well set-up chroot
environment per your point (a)).

All in all, this will only become a problem if (and that's a huge
"if", given the size of LibO) anybody attempts to do cross-compilation
of LibO. Maybe better wait for that case to arrive rather than me
patching blindly. (In summary, I won't attempt to improve set_soenv at
this time.)

Thanks everybody for their time!


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