[Libreoffice] [PATCH] should fix bugs fdo#36080 and fdo#34666

Cedric Bosdonnat cedric.bosdonnat.ooo at free.fr
Fri Apr 22 02:38:34 PDT 2011

Hello Anthony,

Many thanks for your patch. I just pushed it in the master branch. Keep
providing good patches like this!


On Tue, 2011-04-19 at 15:27 +0300, Anthony Durity wrote:
> Hello good people,
> If someone related to this area could give this patch the once over.
> Please find attached patch.
> This is (teensy tiny) patch that should fix an annoying HTML filter
> "feature".
> The problem is is that an xhtml style close tag <br/> <title/> is not
> recognized
> is a html tag which is as it should be. But there was some code that
> would spew
> the contents (inner HTML as it were) of the tag into the Writer
> document. This
> makes sense but not in the HEAD section. So I found where I think the
> check
> should go and stuck it in. May break other stuff but seems to be the
> correct logic
> from where I am sitting.
> Uncovered a slightly nastier issue fdo#36390 while implementing this
> fix. If anybody
> is concerned it is if a tag is formed like <br /> or <title /> (note
> the extra space this
> time!) then the HTML parser recognizes them as valid tags when they
> are obviously
> not with an interesting set of consequences depending on the tag.
> Regards,
>     Anthony
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