[Libreoffice] Bug in main function libs-core/desktop/source/app/app.cxx ?

Julien Nabet serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Fri Apr 22 06:28:54 PDT 2011


Following a discussion on IRC with Llunak, here is a problem.
In the main function of libs-core/desktop/source/app/app.cxx  Line 1599, 
there's a declaration+init variable :
int nAcquireCount( 0 );

then nothing until this line 1880 :
if (nAcquireCount)
     Application::AcquireSolarMutex( nAcquireCount );

Llunak talked about a wrong commit,b58863e8ddc923fa737d064b873b8099a24a8c51

I think this line "nAcquireCount = Application::ReleaseSolarMutex() - 
1;" should be added before the line 1850 :
if ( !bTerminateRequested && !rCmdLineArgs.IsInvisible() &&)

1) Before this line, there was also :
::vos::IMutex& rMutex = Application::GetSolarMutex();
if ( rMutex.tryToAcquire() )

I don't know if these are still useful

2) in the function doShutdown, there's only on line 1947 :
sal_uLong nAcquireCount = Application::ReleaseSolarMutex();

So i don't know too if -1 is necessary or not

Any idea ?


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