[Libreoffice] minutes of tech steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Fri Apr 22 06:29:37 PDT 2011

	Thorten, Norbert, Kendy, Bjoern, Petr,
	Michael, Andras, Kohei, Mitch

* AA completed:
        + Thorsten to fix last vmethod warnings (done)
        + update release plan page based on minutes
        + get some graphite2 screenshot / feature foo (done)
        + add Unity integration screenshot (done)
        + tinderbox still has an unfortunate domain-name (fixed)
        + the objectlists stuff breaks on OSX -- naming issue ? (fixed)
		+ over-long paths can bust shell limits
        + sw unittest should be activated soon too (done)
        + single-tree git command performance checks git status/commit
		+ warm performance adequate: 0.6secs (status) no difference to ./g

* AA still pending:
        + encourage QA guys to quietly dig at snapshots (Sophie + Thorsten)
        + discuss Debian adding a second apply file support to
          apply.pl or using patches/hotfixes/ directory (Rene + Bjoern)
        + research when gio came into widespread being (Caolan)
                cf. http://www.gtk.org/download-linux.html
        + update impress 3.4 feature list (Thorsten)
        + rough m106 trial merge in a feature branch (Kendy)
        + draft EasyHacks page selecting 10-20 tasks now (Bjoern)
		+ road-blocked by missing native SQL connection fd.org
        + the rdb setup stuff is still too cumbersome (Bjoern)
        + send Bjoern the coldstart cache cleaning file (Michael)

* Membership: sign up for it:
	+ http://www.documentfoundation.org/application-for-tdf-community-membership/

* Patches from new contributors
	+ master regularly not building [urk! needs more reliable tinderboxes]
	+ focus on getting patches reviewed & included quickly
	+ more encouraging and including people:
		"what do you want to do next?" etc.

* lanedo intro.
	+ Mitch been with gimp forever, lanedo for last 6 years
	+ company building out LibreOffice experience
	+ pleased with openness and welcome from community
	+ fixing bugs in UI first, most experience here
	+ appreciate pointers to work

* 3.4 status
        + beta2
		+ up-loading now, looks lots lots better
		+ localisations broken on Windows, already fixed
		  for beta3 - please do not report.
	+ beta3 next week
AA:	+ sync reality -> wiki (Petr)
        + beta1 snafu recurrence avoidance
		+ pre-flight check-list for builders
AA:		+ add in-tree test, run every build for this issue
		  type - scan all component libraries for each lib (Michael)
		+ encourage wider testing of daily snapshots.
AA:		+ addressing build reliability problems as well (Michael)

* Moving forward:
AA:	+ get SmartArt into master as an experimental feature (Thorsten)
AA:	+ UNO / ABI breaking changes into a set of wiki page for 4.0 (Bjoern + Kohei)
		+ add binfilter removal (Norbert)

* configure.in
	+ product-defaults should be the same as configure defaults
	  (assuming the pre-requisites are on the machine)
		+ language-packs the exception (Petr)
		+ potentially different platform things (Petr)
		+ as much as possible in the default, if people
		  think too slow - manually disable bits (Norbert)
		+ could add 'minimal' distro-config/ easier to build (Petr)
		+ care required with random configure switches (Bjoern)

* OSL_ASSERT changes - to really assert / not dump big backtraces ...
	+ an old favorite chestnut
	+ assertions should abort, but they don't
	+ hundreds are just warnings
	+ global replace 'assert' for 'unhappy' ? (Michael)
	+ correlation between module and way assertions are used, ie.
	  sal - real asserts, but writer - advice (Thorsten)
		+ replace per module ?
	+ rename is fine on master, promotion back to asserts one by one
	  possibly the answer

* Bjoern's initial impressions thread / summary (Bjoern)
AA:	+ write list of things that suck for newcomers with taste (Mitch)

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