[Libreoffice] PyUno is Python 3 compatible

Andreas Becker atayoohoo at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 23 14:15:30 PDT 2011

>In the attached updated patch I removed the dylib entry and the
>symlink of libpyuno.so → pyuno.so in source/module/makefile.mk
>(I symlinked because I thought it was good for compatibility, but
>everything should work without the symlink).
I figured out that libpyuno.so is required for compilation, sorry for the
confusion. Now, pyuno.so is symlinked
to libpyuno.so.
That means,  the pyuno-scp2 patch by Hanno Meyer-Thurow is not necessary
(but still works).
It would be nice if someone tested the patch, especially in Windows or Apple

--Andreas Becker
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